Living Opthēologically...

It has been some time since I have posted any writing and this may have created the appearance that nothing is going on with Opthē.  In fact, the past couple of months have been a period of great spiritual growth for me.

I have been using this site for my spiritual praxis several times daily and, in the process, made any number of ongoing changes to the focus form. The discipline of using the form has continued to serve to increase and deepen the meaning Opthē holds for me. In fact, I can say without reservation that Opthē has become more meaningful for me than anything I have ever previously experienced. It has significantly altered my reality.

As always, I have been moved to try and understand my own experience. Because the praxis of Opthē has generated such powerful meaning for me, I have been working to get a better handle on the nature of meaning itself. This effort has resulted in some interesting and useful ideas that I will soon share in this space and in the Colloquy.

Because healthy spiritual discipline is by nature therapeutic both psychologically and socially, I have become interested in the incorporation of the art and science of suggestion in the praxis of Opthē to help intentionally induce the attitudes and mind sets that help produce meaningfulness and our sense of reality. I will also be sharing what I find in this line of investigation.

So please know that this site is very much alive despite how it may sometimes appear.